Bronze alloys and finishes

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Metals/finishes: Starting at the top line of the board:

1)  PMB : Polished Manganese Bronze. Manganese bronze is my brass substitute. Almost identical to brass, tougher. Ages to gold. Lovely.

2)  PSB : Polished Silicon Bronze.

3)  PWB : Polished White bronze

4)  BMB : Brushed Manganese Bronze

5)  BSB : Brushed Silicon Bronze

6)  BWB : Brushed White Bronze

7)  RMB : Raw Manganese Bronze

8)  SBBLP : Silicon Bronze Black Patina

9)  SBRBLP : Silicon Bronze Rubbed Black Patina

10) SBBP : Silicon Bronze Brown Patina

11) MBBP : Manganese Bronze Brown Patina


Pruskin Hardware is available in three beautiful bronze alloys: silicon bronze, white bronze and manganese bronze. 

The standard patinas available for silicon bronze are black, brown (also available in manganese bronze) and rubbed black. Other finishes are custom and (possibly)available upon request.

Raw manganese bronze is a unique finish. It is manganese bronze directly from the ceramic shell. Each item is slightly different.

Pruskin hardware is coated with Renaissance wax. It is a living finish, and will change over time.

Care: A mild soap and dry and re-wax very occasionally. If polish finish becomes dull, use MAAS Metal Polish, and then re-wax.