Samples policy:

  1. Buy single pieces of the hardware that you are interested in, in the finish you desire. This will be treated as a sample. Shipping is free within the US (priced accordingly for overseas), and a return shipping label will be provided. If the sample is in stock, delivery will take from 7-10 days.

  2. See if the hardware works for your project. You have four weeks (28 days) upon delivery to decide if it is the right hardware for you. If not, simply return it, and if the hardware is undamaged, you will be fully and immediatly refunded, payment being made to your card through this website.

  3. If you love your hardware sample, you can order directly from the website or from your local retailer. If you have any questions, please contact us at or by filling out the enquiry form below. We will update you regarding lead times. Resale customers from California who can provide a certificate are not liable for sales tax. Discounts are available for quantity and design professionals.

  4. There is a 10% discount for all orders over $100.00. Please enter 'ten' in the discount code box for this discount to be activated.